Be Free

I am free. I also love anything that is free99. My love in freedom is innate in who I am. I have a need to be independent in a world that has let me down in many ways. Looking back I dwell on the pain that I have endured. It feels so real sometimes and other times I forget what pain is. I feel free like I can conquer the world all by myself. Like I can help anyone in need but in reality I can only help myself. Freedom is peace. I’ve always enjoyed my time alone because I know I can trust myself.

On the surface, it all seems so real and perfect and it is and it isn’t. It’s always much harder getting back up. But I’m up again.IMG_2963

I promise to bring her back. To use my words on paper, in audible words and in singing songs. To speak through my dance and actions. It is done.

Who is that old you that you’ve forgotten about?