Running Away

My plan was to leave. So I did. I was 18 years old, a freshman in college. I wanted to run away from my problems at home with my parents. Little did I know that those problems would follow me. 

I was naive, I thought I could conquer the world on my own terms. Everything was going pretty good. I had a job, I got into the only college I applied to and I moved out a few weeks after my first semester started. 

Cristal observing mussels for her biology lab. Circa 2008.
The author flexing her muscle.

I was living the college dream. So I thought. I was going to my classes, study groups, events on campus and bonding with my partner and new roommates.

But I still continued to have the same issues with my parents living on my own.

The Guitar Hero of this story.

Slowly through the years, I changed. I learned from bad roommate experiences, failed classes and I even had a baby all while in college. But I graduated with my 3-month-old son on my hip and a double major in Broadcast Journalism and Sociology diploma on the other.

Will the real slim-shady please stand-up?

So I am choosing to not run away anymore and put my work out there. 

It’s only when you have the courage to face your fears that you will grow.